Tips to Save Money When Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing is a necessity during many different renovation projects. And plumbing repairs will eventually crop up in your home no matter how well maintained it is. Although DIY plumbing projects can save you money, certain tasks, designs and situations are best left to a professional.

Does plumbing always have to be an expensive endeavor? With a little bit of know how and a lot of discernment you can save money when hiring a plumber and still end up with a job well done.

Choose Wisely

Be sure that you contact referred companies when searching for a plumber, those that have done work for friends or family. Go after contractors with a good reputation and a level of expertise that comes with time in the field. You might assume that they will be the most expensive, but when you try saving money with an inexperienced or cut throat contractor you re bound to pay in the end.

Get the Details

Always get the quotation for your plumbing job in writing. A number tossed about in conversation may sound great, but if you have an agreed to cost on paper there will be less surprises and potentially less cost overall.

If the contractor refuses to commit to a price for the job due to potential complications or unknowns, ask them to commit to an hourly rate and record the time spent on your project. In everything, make sure you have a record of what this project will cost you and leave nothing to chance.

Know Your Stuff

Plumbing is a complicated trade and many homeowners panic when water or flooding is an issue. That is when you are particularly vulnerable to being overcharged or charged for something you don t truly need.

Even if you can t complete a plumbing project yourself it pays to know as much as possible about how the systems work and what is necessary to repair them. Pick up a basic plumbing guide for homeowners and read it through. This will allow you to get familiar with the terminology and the use of the main components in plumbing.

If your contractor suggests something that you feel is unnecessary, this information will give you the ammunition you need to object or at the very least, question the plumber s suggestion.

Buy Fixtures Yourself

A simple way to save money when hiring a plumber is by purchasing the fixtures yourself. You ll save money on the markup and may even have a chance to pick up the desired faucet, tap, sink or toilet on sale.

Find out for sure whether the plumber will install a new fixture that they haven t provided and clarify whether their warranty is applicable on any fixtures that you purchase yourself.

Save Time

Many plumbers charge by the hour, meaning that if you can save them time, they will save you money. Try sourcing out a local plumber to cut down on travel costs. Also, while your plumber is on site, have them look after a variety of different plumbing situations at once. In that case, you ll save them having to come back to fix or replace another problem shortly afterward.

Plumbing projects are bound to come up and the services of a qualified plumber are highly valued. Save money where you can by hiring a reputable contractor, asking for the contract in writing, knowing the basics of house plumbing and purchasing your own fixtures. Also, while your preferred contractor is there, have them take care of any other plumbing projects you have, saving both time and money.